My First Darling Honey Sweetheart

December 15, 2015

Our guest doctors help us deconstruct—if not solve—some of the more challenging quandaries regularly presented to women in medicine, questions to which no one seems to have the answers. Featuring Drs. Zina Semenovskaya, Patsy Bowman Aiken, Scott Bader, Haren Heller Dane and Emma Husain.


My First Full Moon

October 30, 2015

Science kind of shakes its head at the whole “lunar effect” phenomenon, but ask an OB/GYN or emergency medicine doc and they will tell you that some of their craziest experiences occurred during full moons. So skeptics, consider yourselves on notice. 


My First Big Mistake

September 22, 2015

Like death and taxes — failure, embarrassment and regret come for us all. But for the duration of this episode we ask that you simply hang up your hangups and revel in the mistakes of others. Welcome to a virtual master class on grace, humility, and perseverance.


My First Inkling

August 25, 2015

In this episode, doctors share the personal pathways that led them to medicine, particular specialties, and the kinds of questions that gave them their answers. 



August 3, 2015

There’s a lot of wild stuff that goes down in this episode. We'll work our way up the "OMGNFW!" scale from a palatable 1 to the barely digestible 10, and if you have a delicate constitution, don't worry: we'll warn you when things are about to get real.


My First Patient Death

July 10, 2015

Death ain’t for sissies, but neither is medicine. What does your response to patient loss say about you as a doctor? As a human being? This won't be on a Shelf exam. This test is for your gut. With Doctors Michael Coords, Christopher Carrubba, Daniel Maselli, and Sarah Coates.


My First Awkward Patient Encounter

July 8, 2015
Patients can be weird. Really weird. Here are some of the most uncomfortable situations in which med students and doctors can find themselves. With Christopher Showers and Doctors Michael Coords, Daniel Maselli, Sabina Bera and Christopher Carrubba.

My First Podcast

July 6, 2015

In our first podcast, host Faith Aeryn explores her own personal roadblock to pursuing medicine: cadavers. With doctors Daniel Maselli, Christopher Showers and Emma Husain.